Día Dos

June 5, 2014

We interviewed two members of the 1st International Congress on Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics Modeling of Biosciences, Ms. Falconi and Dr. Uquillas. Both received their respective degrees in Chemical and Computer Engineering and Biomedical Engineering in the United States. They decided to return to Ecuador to become part of a nation-wide initiative to expand research at all universities.

Before, publishing research really did not exist at the university level; many efforts in research were not valued. Both have high hopes for the direction of the scientific community now that they have the monetary resources for their projects. Dr. Uquillas believes it is especially important to convince the Ecuadorian people to “dream big and that change is possible”. As a community, it is important to “stop thinking in the singular and start thinking in the plural”. Both Ms. Falconi and Dr. Uquillas were extremely kind and excited to talk to us about the changes happening in their country. For Dr. Uquillas this conference took a great amount of planning but was worth it in that students created networks and seemed to be entirely motivated.

This conference was hosted by the City of Knowledge, Yachay.

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