Día Cuatro: Sightseeing in Quito

A day off of sightseeing in Quito:

After my first full day in Ecuador, my mind has been impressed with simultaneous images of lush and rugged terrain, the coolness of mystically foggy weather, and a festive vibe deriving from the live latin music that streams past most restaurant and store fronts.

Streets in Quito are quieter and cleaner than what I had imagined. A mix of urban and indigenous residents stroll past colorful, charming buildings.

It has been one day and I have had over three empanadas…I can’t get enough! The fresh fruit is also delicious and fragrant. I may never be able to eat American froyo again after having Ecuadorian froyo emblazoned with flavors of naranjilla and fresh berries and drenched in dulche de leche and locally grown cacao.

I am excited to start working tomorrow on our documentary project. Education reform is very important and impactful to people in Ecuador, whether they be students, government officials, teachers, parents, or the rest of both the modern or developing world which has much to learn from President Correa’s initiatives.


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